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Understanding Blockchain Technology Better When You Aren’t Tech-Savvy

You might have come across the word blockchain technology and considered it as technical jargon. Well, there is much more to blockchain other than just being a buzzword. It is one of those technological advancements that are likely to have broad-reaching implications. It is likely to transform businesses and industries along with financial services altogether. However, these things might seem challenging if you are not tech-savvy enough. This article will be a beginner’s guide that can help you understand every particular element within the ecosystem of blockchain and acknowledge how blockchain really works. 

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Blockchain for Amateurs

For beginners, blockchain happens to be one of the most researched keywords on the web. The popularity of blockchain has developed tremendously in the last few decades. 

With blockchain in enterprises, blockchain in government, and blockchain in business, the importance of understanding the same has further increased. By understanding blockchain, you can acknowledge how the economy is likely to shape in the future. 

If you are an amateur, you should start with this beginner’s guide for understanding everything. This starter pack on the blockchain can assist you to understand more about it. 

What Is Blockchain?

Blockchain happens to be a distributed database. It indicates that the storage devices concerning the database do not all happen to be connected to a particular processor. It manages the developing list of orderly records known as blocks. Every block comes with a timestamp along with the link to the earlier block. 

It can also be considered as a peer-to-peer distributed ledger system. Here, the peers are allowed to transact without the presence of any centralized authority. This peer-to-peer network happens to be entirely decentralized and for making it decentralized every peer holds one copy of the distributed ledger. 

For ensuring consensus throughout transactions, methods like proof of stake, proof of work, or others happen to be leveraged in the ecosystem of blockchain. Other than that, every transaction is entirely secured by advanced algorithms that are cryptographically bound. Certainly, the entire mechanism of blockchain is utilized for taking the benefit of transparency, immutability, and trust. It is an idea completely opposite to centralization. In other words, it refers to a network where peers are capable of performing transactions without a centralized authority. It is one of those simple concepts that is transforming the working procedures of industries. 

Example of Blockchain Technology in Healthcare 

Presently, healthcare can be revolutionized for storing patients’ information on the blockchain. With blockchain for healthcare, patients need not carry their personal documents as their data will be saved on the blockchain. Other than that, patients can additionally share the information for research and assist in improving research on numerous critical illnesses. Moreover, it happens to solve the counterfeit drug issue – helping both drug companies and patients. 

How Blockchain Works?

People refer to blockchain as the internet of value. Anyone is free to publish data on the Internet and people can access it throughout the globe. That’s how a blockchain work. Blockchain facilitates transferring value throughout the world where people can access the blockchain file.  However, you need to possess a cryptographically created private key for editing the blocks. Utilizing your private key can help you transfer the value of something stored within the sections of blockchain. 

The Bitcoin Example

In the case of Bitcoin, private keys are utilized to transfer blocks. This contains currency units having financial value. It plays the role of recording transfer which is conventionally done by banks. Another role played is establishing identity and trust. It is as none can edit a blockchain without possessing the corresponding keys. 

A Beginners Guide to Blockchain Architecture 

The key components concerning the blockchain architecture are: 

  • Blocks
  • Transactions
  • Consensus

Other than the usual components, there are numerous kinds of blockchain architecture namely the private, public, and consortium. 

What is Block?

Blockchain happens to be composed of blocks. The blocks happen to be stored within a linear fashion when the last block is attached to the earlier block. Containing information, every block represents the data structure saved in the block and it is determined by the type of blockchain and the data management procedure. 

What is Transaction?

A transaction occurs in the blockchain network when a peer sends data to another peer. Being one of the key elements concerning any blockchain, a transaction incorporates data including the receiver, sender, and value. It can be compared to a transaction on credit card platforms. The only thing that is different here is transaction is performed without centralizer authorities. 

What is Consensus?

The last but not least, the consensus is an important part of the blockchain architecture. It is one of the methods by which transactions happen to be validated. Every blockchain can possess varied consensus methods. For instance, ethereum utilizes proof of stake and Bitcoin utilizes proof of work. 

Importance of Blockchain Technology

People are presently used to sharing data with the help of decentralizing online platforms: the internet. However, when it comes to sharing value like ownership rights, money, and intellectual property, people generally are likely to follow centralized institutions like government agencies or banks. This is where blockchain comes in. 

Blockchain comes with intriguing possibilities of eliminating intermediaries. It performs so by establishing identity, establishing contracts, and recording transactions. This comes with a tremendous implication as the financial services market globally happens to be the biggest sector by market capitalization. If blockchain happens to replace even a fraction of this it would end up in huge disruption concerning the financial services industry, hence increasing efficiencies. 

Another important thing is establishing contracts. This helps open up new opportunities. Aside from a unit of value, the technology of blockchain can be utilized for storing any type of digital data. Computer codes can come under this. The code snippet can be programmed for executing whenever particular parties enter the private keys, hence agreeing to the agreement. The identical code can also be read from external information feeds. Known as smart contracts, these codes can bring possibilities for their utilization and they are endless. 

A Few Enterprise Use Cases of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology also comes with a few enterprise use cases. With hundreds of the use cases, here is a list of only a few. 

  • Blockchain in the energy market: energy distribution organizations happen to be the big players that offer service is approximately everyone out there. Presently, it happens to be a closed ecosystem with many players are attempting to revolutionize it with blockchain technology. With the help of blockchain, energy nodes will turn out to be capable of trading and generating electricity without the requirement of centralized authority. 
  • Blockchain in the supply chain: Presently, the supply chain management servers from many problems with the biggest one being product counterfeit. Blockchain technology for supply chain can help accurate tracing of products by eliminating any intermediaries feasible.
  • Blockchain in real estate: Blockchain Technology for real estate can profit this industry greatly. Being one of the biggest sectors, there are numerous big players within the real estate industry that happen to be struggling because of one reason or another. Lack of efficiency in the entire industry results in slow growth.

It is something that can be solved by blockchain. The real estate industry can turn out to be more productive with the smooth and safe transaction with blockchain technology. All of these happen to be possible due to smart contracts that can help automate tasks like selling or buying a property. 

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Wrapping Up

Being one of a kind technology, organizations are likely to adopt blockchain technology into their businesses. Hence, if you are an amateur, you require to master numerous elements before you consider being a part of this industry. 

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