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Top 5 Best Metaverse Coins To Invest In 2022

In the past years, metaverse has gained mainstream recognition across social media platforms, news, and even at large business conferences. Although the technology is far from global adaptation, it has rapidly gathered the attention of crypto investors, and tech fanatics. Therefore, the metaverse presents an undeniable investment opportunity for 2022.

Biggest tech companies around the world like Facebook, bet on the metaverse and believe it to be the future of technology. The company has taken a step forward to change its name from Facebook to Meta. In 2021, the company spent ten billion dollars on metaverse as it predicts the technology has huge potential. In reality, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency play key roles in the metaverse journey. 

Cryptocurrency is revolutionizing the global finance market. Market volatility makes crypto a risky asset, it is crucial to discern and make investments only what you can afford. It is important to understand what the metaverse is, how it is linked to cryptocurrencies, and the best metaverse coins to invest in today that will be the future tomorrow.

How Is Metaverse Linked To Crypto?

Cryptocurrency and Metaverse are distinct concepts and can prevail without one another. Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that can exist on blockchain-developed platforms and does not require metaverse for its existence. Whereas, Metaverse is a platform that functions around metaverse coins. People love to spend money shopping. Moreover, shopping has ascertained the main characteristics of web1.0 and web2.0. There is no explanation of what form metaverse will put up with, however, cryptocurrency evolved around the society and may as well have a significant impact on the metaverse platform. 

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Best Metaverse Coins To Invest For Future Fortune

Since metaverse is a new platform, the metaverse coins are available at low prices. Some under one dollar and some even less than one cent. This is a great opportunity for individuals to invest. Since the price is too low, people might think of not researching and directly investing. However, not all projects are worth your money. 

The current bear market is likely to bring out all the bad investors who were too focused on building fortunes rather than projects. It is important to research the recent developments and growth of met averse coins which can be a potential finance solution in the future. Here is a list of the top ten best metaverse coins that you can invest in for 2022. 

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ApeCoin (APE)

An ERC-20 token, APE, is present in the Ethereum blockchain. Since it’s an authorized and utilized token, the holders are permitted to participate in governing the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It also allows them to access products, games, and other services available to the holders. 

ApeCoin is the native coin for the metaverse game, ‘Otherside’, of Yuga Labs. It also helped spawn the worldwide popular Bored Apes Yacht Club Non-Fungible Tokens. A $320 million was raised by Yuga Labs on a virtual landscape that allowed the holders of APE tokens to purchase gifts, on the ‘Otherside’ gaming platform.

However, there were some issues with the minting process in ‘Otherdeeds’ which led to a price drop in Ethereum. A worldwide research firm reported that the price drop decreased the demand for ApeCoins. At the time APE was on sale, it was sold at $26, however, last June, the price dropped below $4. 

The coin was launched in March 2022, when 30% of $1 billion worth of coins were expected to circulate on the market. Although the coin is a brand new token, and faced major challenges, APE still remains the largest Metaverse coin with a market capitalization of $1.9 billion.  

Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland has gained massive popularity and is one of the largest metaverse projects and frequently made headlines. A part of its credit goes to the NFT (Non-fungible tokens) craze reaping huge profits for the platform’s original token MANA. 

In the beginning, the NFT owners used the platform to show off their NFTs. However, there is much more to Decentraland. The main feature of the platform is that you can buy digital assets, virtual lands, and create digital games. 

Decentraland was created in 2017 and took a lot of time to be recognized. Although MANA has not been able to show its true potential, the market capital still astonishes users, standing at $1.8 billion. However, the value of MANA has been significantly down since last year. 

Sandbox (SAND)

The Sandbox is the crypto metaverse project with amazing performance. SAND is the original token of the platform that has made significant development in 2021. In the final months of 2021, the crypto token managed to cross the mark of $1. 

Last November, the token reached $8.40 keeping up with its upward trajectory. Like the majority of the cryptocurrencies, the price of the token has plunged for quite some time and sits at $1.43 today. Concerning the virtual reality aspect, it has high potential in the metaverse.

Sandbox is mainly a game backed by Atari, a gaming group. According to a report by Deadline, Lionsgate partnered with Sandbox to create a ‘Hellboy’ platform. On the other hand, Tony Hawk announced creating a skateboard park on the platform.


Highstreet has huge potential in VR support in terms of metaverse applications. You can shop inside the platform using HIGH currency. The platform also contains some of the Shopify stores. The platform consists of NFTs and features gaming which makes it updated to crypto and other technological trends. 

For the concept of the metaverse, the project already accomplishes what the metaverse pledges. If an investor is looking for a practical platform, Highstreet is the best option. HTC Company backs the project and in August of 2021, Highstreet raised five million dollars. As of July 2022, the market capitalization of the project is $20.79 million.

Floki Inu (FLOKI)

FLOKI is yet another dog meme-based cryptocurrency that is running in the competition of becoming potential metaverse crypto, especially for the investors looking for low price crypto coins. The currency is named after the dog of Elon musk, Shiba Inu. 

The main aim of the project is to relate memes to real-world scenarios. The project promises to launch an NFT market, launch games, and an education platform. Although the project is still ongoing, it has outdone itself with a huge token sale. The tokens are available at $0.00009495 and are at present at market capital of $90.53million.

Present Projects In Metaverse

Various metaverse projects are already running, and available for purchase on several exchange platforms. Crypto enthusiasts are observing these projects closely waiting for their true potential in the future of technology. 

According to a report presented by a U.K based research firm, Macro, metaverse coins increases by 37,000% in 2021. Metaverse platforms consist of NFT marketplaces, gaming platforms, real-world applications, and a distinctive platform. 

In Conclusion

There are numerous metaverse projects going on, however, only a few managed to stand out of the box. Since the concept of Metaverse is rooted deeply in digital currency and blockchain technology, it can be a safe platform to invest in projects. With the increasing craze in NFT, the metaverse platform is recognized as a potential technology for investors in the future.

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