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HashCash Announces Blockchain Consultancy Services

HashCash announced expansion plans using its proficiency in global blockchain and crypto development, and extended its offerings for projects involving CBDC development. The US-based company will be offering its expertise in the capacity of an advisor and consultant. 

Global CBDC Development

Research projects revolving around Central Bank Digital Currency is undergoing rapidly all over the world, particularly among nations with developing economies. China appears as the front-runner in this global race, releasing the Digital Yuan as others still conduct research and experiments. Other nations actively involved in CBDC development projects include India, the European Union, Russia, US and others. Each nation is building CBDC-projects upon their existing fiat monetary platform. 

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CEO Speak

The HashCash CEO Raj Chowdhury, also a noted blockchain pioneer, states, “Crypto paved the way for the world to take notice of blockchain’s potential in improving the global economy through better financial inclusion and transparency. CBDCs are a digital manifestation of currency backed by the central banks, using the same technology.”

Blockchain Use in CBDC

The tokenization of fiat currency poses a significant challenge to economists. The growing success of digital assets in cross-border adoptions has led policymakers and central banks all over the world in considering their adoption. More than 86% of the central banks are already involved in CBDC research. Nations like India have already announced prospective CBDC release dates. HashCash enables organizations with effective strategies, blockchain resilience and security needed for CBDC development systems. 

“While there have been detractors addressing concerns about privacy concerns, the crypto community would benefit if governments allow the coexistence of CBDCs and cryptocurrencies, and implement regulatory frameworks without hampering the spirit of innovation,” remarked Chowdhury.


Global blockchain development and rising crypto adoption has catapulted CBDC research all over the world. HashCash facilitates CBDC development offering cutting-edge blockchain solutions. 


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