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All You Need To Know About PayBito’s Record 300% Surge in Trader Traffic in 3 Months

PayBito, the leading global cryptocurrency trading platform, is created and maintained by industry veterans with deep experience in trading, Banking security systems, and Blockchain technology. It happens to be available in iOS, web version, and Android. The services include white label payment gateway, white label cryptocurrency exchange, exchange affiliate, and franchise program. PayBito happens to come with the best crypto prices and state-of-the-art security systems.

The recent surge in trader traffic, attests to thousands of new traders signing up to PayBito in the last three months. The exchange has witnessed a significant and constant surges in trading volume.

PayBito has been adding multiple prominent cryptocurrencies to its platform, which has contributed to the trading volume surge and a 300% rise in new user registrations.

While upgrading their crypto platform, the exchange has been expanding its operations in multiple locations. It has recently resumed services in the Indian market, post a 2-year ban lift by the Supreme Court, enabling its users to start trading activities in the nation.

Owing to the other essential attributes like INR support and low trading fees, the platform has garnered recognition eithin the industry and immense popularity within the region among traders. They aim to keep updating and adding advanced trading characteristics to provide users with an unparalleled experience.

PayBito‘s extensive offerings combined with high-level exchange features has enabled the users to experience a profitable and safe trading activity. It is a multi-language platform providing multi-currency options that attract users across geographies.

Furthermore, PayBito maintains an exemplary security interface that allows safe and reliable trading activities on the platform. Having a connection with all major crypto exchanges in the world allows their traders to experience the most beneficial crypto prices and high liquidity at all times.


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