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HashCash Offers Its White Label Crypto Payment Processor To A Singapore Based Financial Enterprise

HashCash Consultants has achieved global recognition with its innovative solutions and white label products. Among many products, HashCash’s crypto payment processor is currently trending among leading global enterprises. The company has lately disclosed its partnership with a financial powerhouse based in Singapore.

HashCash’s Crypto Payment Processor Is Trending Worldwide

The white label crypto payment processor of HashCash Consultants comprises avant-garde blockchain technology fostering instant payment transfer across the world. The product is aimed at institutional firms and has already obtained international recognition attracting corporate sectors, large businesses, financial organizations, and top retail merchants in the USA. The crypto payment processor is an all-around product with a merchant account management interface, payment dispute management, ticketing, bitcoin invoicing, and many more.

CEO Speaks

Blockchain maximalist, and CEO of HashCash Consultants, Mr. Raj Chowdhury states,  “Crypto’s potential as a viable remittance solution has evolved with its rising demand across multiple sectors of the economy. White label crypto payment processors will help financial institutions to offer instant transactions and accept payment in popular digital currencies”. 

A Growing Demand For Crypto Payment Processors

A worldwide research firm suggested that the demand for crypto payment processors is rapidly developing exponentially at a CAGR of 22.8%. The mass adoption of cryptocurrencies around the world, crypto education, and the increasing demand for crypto investment, have led to the need for crypto payment processors. 

Covid-19 wrath didn’t spare global the financial market which led to an increase in theft, money laundering, cybercrime, and hacks. With the digital asset gaining prominence, many financial powerhouses, large businesses, and other firms are accepting cryptocurrency as a mode of remittance.

“The change is already here, as more and more businesses adopt virtual asset payments, policymakers are preparing a global regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies, that will become the future of finance”, infers Mr. Chowdhury. He has previously highlighted the innovative bitcoin architecture and the emerging demand for a global crypto regulatory framework

In Conclusion

Blockchain technology has helped to create the infrastructure that enables merchants to accept payments in digital currency and ensure instant payment and high security at the same time. The absence of third parties has helped to expedite the process and make cross-country payments budget friendly and quick. Wrapping up, a crypto payment processor is not only a solution to cross-border payments but also helps in motivating people to use cryptocurrencies and broaden the global crypto community market. 


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