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Introducing IGO: The Latest Trend in the Crypto Gaming Community

The age of digitalization brought forward a revolution in technological advancements. Blockchain, Cloud, and AI have transformed the global stage, building the platform for further development of upcoming innovations. In recent times, experts are betting big on gaming, and the IGO offers an interesting opportunity to investors to gain leverage out of the upcoming US$1 trillion metaverse economy.

What is AN IGO?

IGO (Initial Game Offering), offers investors a chance of allocating their investment into game-based blockchain projects at the initial stage and gaining huge profits after the launch. 

Features of the IGO are remarkably similar to Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs. The major difference lies in their use of NFTs. Usually, the in-game rewards in the gaming projects hosted on the IGO platform comprise NFTs. Potential investors make an investment in these IGO platforms and wait for great ROI upon the launch of the gaming project on global cryptocurrency exchanges. They can also make profits off the game’s increasing popularity among the community of gamers.

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Popular IGOs

Blockchain gaming has been a global phenomenon over the past few years. Games with thousands of daily active users exist, and many of them offer rewards in crypto. The most popular game, Axie Infinity(AXS) surpassed a billion US dollars in sales within 2021 itself. Other examples include Cryptoblades (SKILL) and Alien Worlds(TLM).

GameFi, Enjinnstarter, Seedigy.Fund are prominent illustrations of the IGO launchpad. GameFi, one of the IGO pioneers, currently has 2 active IGOs- $KABY Pool and Deathroad IGO. Gamers can play and collect tokens, trade them for a better blockchain gaming experience, or sell them afterward at higher valuations. 

The Enjinstarter IGO launchpad is built upon the Jumpnet framework, popularly among game developers for creating communities or executing game project-boosting market campaigns. The projects often constitute yield farms, platforms built around NFTs, and DeFi. 

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Things to Remember before Investing in IGO

Each choice should always be looked upon thoroughly before investment, and IGOs are no exception. Investors are advised to keep a few things in considerations, such as: 

  • Go through the native token’s holder advantages. Verify the benefit percentage and do a comparison with different IGO options.
  • Take a look at whether the IGO is offering guaranteed allocation or a lottery allocation. Guaranteed allocations often cost higher.
  • Check the returns on active IGOs on offer within the platforms. Launchpads with a demonstrated history provide good returns on their upcoming projects. 
  • Holder value is a key performance indicator of IGO launchpads. High holder value is reflective of a better token valuation, indicating a better chance at profits. 
  • Keep tabs on the number of times the launchpad generates tokens. A high number of token generation events reflects the platform’s efforts to promote high-quality initiatives. This leads to better valuations. 

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Final Words

Within a short period of time, IGOs have quickly grown to become one of the most trending topics within the crypto community. Early access features within upcoming gaming assets are good investment options with significant returns in the future.

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