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Crypto Exchange PayBito Adds 20,000 Global Users in Past Month

Leading cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform PayBito has successfully added 20000 new global users in the past month creating a record for the company. In the past months, PayBito has been experiencing consistent surges in trading volume and a significant increase in traffic and new registrations from users across geographies, as per company reports.

Listed as one of the top USA based exchanges for digital assets, PayBito has been expanding its coin portfolio since the beginning of the year adding multiple leading and emerging coins to the platform, to diversify the trading experience of the users.

Recently, it has also commenced operations in the newly liberated crypto market of India, which until March was prevented from digital assets trading due to a ban imposed by the country’s central bank (RBI). The ban was lifted by the Supreme Court (India’s apex judiciary body), and post that PayBito was among the first global exchanges to launch operations in the country, the response to which has been exemplary.

Speaking of the exchange’s consistency in performance and growth, Raj Chowdhury, Managing Director of PayBito commented, “PayBito was designed to bring ease into crypto trading and to make it accessible to the global population and the exchange has been serving its purpose well. Our ultimate goal is to play a significant part in the mass adoption of cryptocurrency and trading. To that aim, our team has been dedicatedly offering the best, most secure and convenient options to the traders, while ensuring that they get the best prices. We are always upgrading our platform to cater to the rapidly changing trader mindset and market conditions.”

An Overview of Features Offered by PayBito:
Since its inception, PayBito was quick to ascend to the position of one of USA’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges expanding operations across geographies and creating a robust network of global users. It all boils down to the advanced and scalable features implemented within the platform leveraging which they have been able to offer an exceptional trading experience to the users. Here’s a rundown of the key features of the exchange;

PayBito supports multiple major fiat currencies and its on-off ramp conversion of fiat to crypto and vice versa a unique feature. It offers multi-signature enabled security for cold wallet storage of crypto coins, leveraging other enhanced security features to prevent cyber breaches of any kind.

PayBito‘s Security Architecture Comprises of:

  • The Preventions cybersecurity infrastructure consists of Firewalls, Virtual Private Network, Unified Threat Management, Network access control, and Identity services.
  • The Detection cybersecurity infrastructure consists of Intrusion prevention systems, Secure Web Gateways, Email security, and Network package brokerage.
  • The Remedial cybersecurity infrastructure consists of Advanced Malware protection, Network behavior analytics, and malware sandboxing.

PayBito boasts of a 4 layered architecture, comprising of Blockchain database, Web, Application, and primary database that is more advanced than the conventional cyber resilience solutions used by major corporations and financial institutions.

The exchange also follows a stringent set coin listing norms, putting each coin under review before adding to the platform to uphold user safety and security.

About PayBito:
PayBito is a leading cryptocurrency asset trading platform operating globally. The platform is designed and managed by a team with rich experience in Banking security systems, Cryptocurrency trading, and Blockchain technology. It is available in the web version as well as in iOS and Android stores. PayBito services include white label cryptocurrency exchange, white label payment gateway, exchange affiliate, and coin listing. PayBito offers some of the best rates and top-notch security in the crypto world.

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