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SESSIA’s Token KICKS gets Listed on Leading Global Crypto Exchange PayBito

Globally renowned for their extensive offerings in crypto assets listed within the platform, leading crypto exchange PayBito has introduced new utility token KICKS for the traders, further diversifying the trading options by doing so. The new crypto addition comes after a series of coin listings that the exchange has been conducting since earlier this year. As per company sources, the global trading platform is in the process of adding more diverse crypto assets and utility tokens to its portfolio to make trading more interesting and lucrative for the users.

KICKS is a one-of-a-kind cashback coin/token that was designed specifically to facilitate and streamline the loyalty programs of the businesses that are integrated within the SESSIA ecosystem. SESSIA has a unique take on social networking and has combined the business world with the elements of social media. It is a unique social networking platform that is powered by blockchain technology. SESSIA connects businesses with its target consumers minus the usual intermediaries that exist on conventional eCommerce marketplace and social media architecture.

PayBito’s coin listing has made KICKS available for buy/sell for use on the SESSIA to execute consumer and business activities. Raj Chowdhury, the Managing Director of Paybito, has some great things to say about the recent listing and its impact on the trading activity. He mentioned,

PayBito wants to offer a wide range of utility tokens to the traders. That is the prime reason that we are focusing on expanding our crypto asset portfolio. We keep adding unique assets that will be of benefit to our users. The fundamental concept of SESSIA and the native token KICKS is quite intriguing, due to its out-of-the-box approach to explore the business values of eCommerce and social media. It has shown great marketing and trading prospects, especially in the present scenario, where business owners are seeking cost-effective ways to communicate and present their offerings to the target audience. Considering every aspect, our core team felt that KICKS would be a great addition to our platform and we are expecting a positive response from our traders.”

Globally known for its wide range of crypto assets, PayBito is heavily focused at the moment to introduce an exclusive assortment of unique digital assets carrying good market prospects to the traders. The trading platform has reaped recognition among global users, owing to its offering of the lowest trading fees and the availability of best cryptocurrency prices compared to other exchanges. PayBito’s multi-currency support, multi-signature wallet, instant fiat deposits, along with an advanced set of security protocols have made it one of the leading crypto exchanges in the world.

About SESSIA and it Token KICKS:

SESSIA is a unique blockchain-based platform that converges with the social media architecture combining the same with businesses, thus creating a decentralized marketplace that is devoid of any middlemen and third-party intermediaries. The platform connects different businesses integrated within the platform with the target consumers in a safe and secured smart business ecosystem.

Both the businesses and the consumers can enjoy lots of benefits as the platform comes with the following attributes:

  • Online store builder to enable easy and instant sales
  • The instant crypto pay-out system along with easy cashbacks globally
  •  Built-in smart scanner to allow seamless customer registrations
  •  A comprehensive account of discounts and best purchases within the platform
  •  Advanced report and control infrastructure for the real-time management of consumer database and the internal operations of the platform

The elimination of third-party intermediaries empowers businesses to cut back on marketing and advertising expenses. SESSIA’s unique loyalty program and cashback system help a lot in consumer growth that traditionally takes a longer time. Customers can get easy access to the social media cum marketplace and they are free to choose the services, stores, and products, that they prefer, buy the same and also earn regular cashbacks and rewards.

SESSIA’s KICKS is an ERC-20 token issued on the Ethereum blockchain, which is utilized by different businesses to pay cashbacks and kickbacks to the customers and also make internal payments within the platform SESSIA. The customers are allowed to trade KICKS, or convert it into fiat, or use it to buy services or products on the SESSIA marketplace.


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