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There may be Conflicts Arising from Gen Z’s Expectations from the Metaverse

While the Metaverse may look dazzling at the first sight, the generation Z may not be impressed with it in the long run according to the author, and blockchain pioneer Raj Chowdhury.

The HashCash chief, speaks at length on the Metaverse and the way Gen Z should take to it. The initial reaction to the Metaverse, irrespective of age, is one of awe. This, however, would turn out to be short-lived, according to Raj Chowdhury.

The Expectations Rise

“It must be remembered that this generation has technology as its earliest memories,” smiles Chowdhury. “Their trysts with smart systems go back to their toothless days.” 

The relationship between generation Z and technology is greatly different from that of the older generations. Generation Z has shared a comfort level with technology that the older generations cannot identify with. Hence, their demands from technology are bound to grow at a higher pace. As Chowdhury describes it, ”It will be difficult the keep the generation Z awestruck for long, they’ll soon grow bored,”

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The Digitally Native Generation

“Technology will have to evolve matching pace with their consumption capacities to keep them interested.”

Diving deeper into the issue, Chowdhury describes a crowd whose lives are as much physical as they are virtual. In other words, the Metaverse is where they can unleash their imaginations. This also means that they are bound to react, should the systems fail to cater to their demands. This population considers the Metaverse an extension of their physicality rather than a ‘distinct life’.

“Given the circumstances that are about to arise, it is quite fathomable that the relationship between the generation Z and the Metaverse is going to be conflict-ridden,” remarked Chowdhury.

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Recent News

Chowdhury has in the past aired his views on a number of issues related to technology and crypto while leading HashCash through a stream of successful projects. He has foreseen a trend of novice traders shifting towards CFD trade. He has also predicted a crowd transition from pure Forex exchange to a more inclusive Forex-crypto integrated exchange. He has also spoken about the Metaverse and DAO’s rising to prominence earlier this year.

Wrapping up

The fanfare surrounding Metaverse and the anticipations piled on it are indeed high. Technology, however, needs to deliver its promise in this field and more importantly keep upgrading itself to stay relevant and consistently perform.

Gen Z expects an independent virtual universe composed of an assortment of entities and companies that enables them to move freely from one universe to the next. Here, they wish to be able to control their identity through the creation of an avatar of their imagination, own and sell articles they can carry from one world to another (clothes, cars, accessories, etc.), and describe the way they develop, work and play. 


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