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World Hunger Index: Countries That Are Most Affected in 2022

Since 2019, food insecurity problems have increased from 135 million to 345 million. While enough food is produced for the entire world, around 828 million people go to bed hungry every day. While hunger is the worst crisis the world has ever faced, there has been a huge gap between the needs and funding. To reach 153 million people, a minimum of $24 billion is needed. However, due to the post covid 19 crisis, the conflict between Russia, and Ukraine, and the present global inflation, the funding situation has hit the rock bottom. In 2022, when everything in the world is growing towards development, hunger seems to be the worst and biggest human catastrophe that needs immediate attention. If the issue is not addressed, the world will have to pay the price through the loss of millions of lives including children. 

Poverty and climatic conditions were the main contributors to hunger, while the sudden war and covid 19 pandemic has only fueled and worsened the situation. Hunger is spreading around the world like a ring of fire starting from the Central American dry corridor through South Sudan, the Central African Republic, eastwards towards Syria, the Horn of Africa, Yemen, and then towards Afghanistan. In these countries, the war and the climatic situations are driving millions of people toward the edge of starvation. In Yemen, Nigeria, and South Sudan, the WFP (World Food Program) is already going through a tough situation by cutting down the ration to reach out to more people. If the issues are not addressed, hunger might lead to an increase in migration, conflict, and destabilization. 

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World Hunger Index 2022: What’s in it For 2023?

The global hunger index tool helps to measure and track hunger at regional, national, and global levels. The scores of the Global Hunger Index depend on four factors: 

  • Child stunting
  • Child mortality
  • Child wasting
  • Undernourishment

In recent years, the development of hunger around the world has stagnated. In 2014, the global score was 19.1, while in 2022 it is only 18.2 with only minimal improvement. The major causes of slow development among countries are the economic downfall after covid 19 pandemic, changes in climatic conditions, the war between Russia and Ukraine, and the increased price of fuel, food, and fertilizers. All these factors are only going to worsen the hunger issues in 2023. 

World Hunger Index 2022


The index shows that around forty-four countries around the world are currently experiencing alarming and serious hunger levels and around forty-six countries are about to achieve even low hunger by 2030 as measured by the Global Hunger Index. 

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5 Countries at the Top of the Global Hunger Index

The top five countries according to the Global Hunger Index are 

  • Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Belarus
  • China
  • Chile
  • Croatia

5 Most Hungriest Countries As Per Global Hunger Index

The Global Hunger Index of 2022 shows us the grim reality of the worse hunger situation in our world. A toxic combination of climate change, covid-19 pandemic, and the Russia-Ukraine conflict has left millions exposed to food inflation, and further crises. The recent conflict in Ukraine has led to an increase in the price of fuel, fertilizers, and food, leading the hunger crisis, into a major human catastrophe. 

5 Most Hungriest Countries

In fifteen years, this is the third food price crisis that the world is suffering. With this, it is assumed that the current food system is inadequate to perform the task of successfully and sustainably ending the hunger crisis and poverty. The scenario is most observed in countries that face high rates of undernourishment, stunting, child wasting, and child mortality due to malnutrition. Here is a list of the top ten hungriest countries around the world as per the Global Hunger Index 2022.

1. Yemen

Yemen is at the center of the world’s worst humanitarian crisis and is suffering from the conflict occurring within its borders as well as the war going around the world. Yemeni Civil War started in 2014 the country’s poverty has rapidly increased, crippling the economy of the country. Public health has been compromised by water and sanitation issues that have led to a high rise in measles, polio, and cholera. The country is highly dependent on food imports. 

2. Central African Republic

The Central African Republic has been suffering from a hunger crisis for ages, and 2022 marks the tenth anniversary of the world’s worst catastrophe. the sectarian violence in the country has displaced everyone in four Africans which has led to an increase in malnutrition, and hunger. 

3. Madagascar

Almost half of the population of Madagascar that is 48.5% are undernourished between 2019 and 2021. In the report of the Global Hunger Index, the malnutrition rate of the country has ranked second. Hunger has severely affected the country by affecting 7.7% of the children experiencing wasting, and 40% of the children are stunted. The children’s mortality rate is at a rate of 5%. Moreover, one of the huge and deadly partnerships in the country is hunger, and climate change. At the beginning of 2019, the southern region of the country faced drought, the impact of which is likely to last till the end of 2022. At the beginning of 2022, the country was hit by Cyclone Batsirai and Cyclone Emnati which caused the loss of lives, livelihoods, and assets. 

4. Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo has faced the worst wrath of covid 19 pandemic in terms of food insecurity. Between 2020 and 2021, the number of people facing hunger issues drastically increased by 20%. This year, the country is placed in the fourth position as one of the hungriest countries in the world. The country’s hunger situation has affected around a 27million people and is driven by conflict, climatic situations, and a major economic crisis leaving 72% of the people living in the country “Below the Poverty Line”. 


CHAD was the world’s hungriest country in 2020. The country is frequently observed at the bottom of the index. When it comes to malnutrition, hunger rates are gradually increasing due to the existing deadly partnership between climate change and conflict. Since the country is a host for the people running from conflict, and the unstable countries around. Therefore, receiving adequate food, and nutritious food is a huge challenge for half of the million refugees that are living in the major climate-worn areas of the country. 

In Conclusion

Several countries are suffering from extreme hunger crises, yet due to data deficiency, it is impossible to rank them on the Global Hunger Index. In 2022, many countries ranked near Yemen, some of these include Somalia and South Sudan. Burundi, and Syria. While several global organizations are helping and contributing to eradicating global hunger, PayBito has come up with a unique solution, the “Brokering World Hunger Away” movement, where the crypto brokers can become a part to feed the needy.

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