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Global Hunger Facts! How is PayBito Helping?

Covid-19 and war are disrupting the supply food chain, leading to global hunger crises. Did you know that the hunger crisis has transformed into a human catastrophe, leaving 839 million people around the world hungry? Our world produces enough food for everyone, yet millions of people go to bed hungry. There are several factors around the world that contribute to hunger such as conflict, poverty, climate change, inequity, inequality, and others. 

After the pandemic, there has been a huge increase in demand for food banks around the United States. However, the US is not the only country that has faced the wrath of hunger. Guatemala, South Sudan, Phillippines, Yemen, and many others are some of the countries around the world. Food prices have rapidly increased after the Russia-Ukraine conflict and have also decreased the food supply of maize, sunflower oil, and wheat. 

More than 700 million around the world are undernourished, and the majority of these people are children. Several families are coping with hunger by selling assets such as livestock, migrating, going into debt, and even getting into prostitution. Many families get their young children married as they can no longer provide enough food. 

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5 Facts Everyone Should Know About World Hunger

Did you know 10% of people go to bed hungry, and 700 children around the die every day due to dirty water, hunger, and malnutrition? Here are five facts about hunger that everyone must know about. 

1. People Might Starve to Death

According to the World Food Program, around 48 million people around the world are at threat of serious hunger with starvation, acute malnutrition, and even death. The Global Network Against Food Crisis reports that the number is rapidly increasing. In 2021, GNAC reported that fifty-three countries with 193 million people were facing a worse level of food insecurity which was increased by forty million since 2020. 

2. Inequality & Poverty Fuelling Hunger

Extreme weather change, conflict, imbalance caused by food insecurity, and economic shocks, along with covid-19 pandemic are some of the main causes of world hunger. However, the two main primary causes of hunger are poverty and inequality. 139 million people in twenty-four countries around the world are suffering from hunger due to conflict issues, and are at serious risk of malnutrition. 

3. Ukraine-Russia Conflict Aggravated Global Hunger

Hunger crisis has been existing for a long time. However, with the conflict issues leading to sanctions, and shortages, the cost of fertilizer, wheat, and fuel has increased. Thus, it rapidly fuelled the global hunger crisis with mass starvation across the hunger hotspots in various nations around the world. Ukraine was known as the breadbasket of Europe. Both Ukraine and Russia were responsible for 29% of the World’s wheat export. Ukraine was among the top suppliers of sunflower oil, wheat, sunflower seeds, corn, and rapeseed in 2021. The stress on the food system has led 323 million people to face acute hunger this year. 

4. High Risk of Hunger in Some Countries

 70% of the people suffering from the hunger crisis in 2021 were living in ten countries around the world. These were the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Syria, Nigeria, Sudan, Yemen, Haiti, and Pakistan. Among thirty-six countries, forty million people were suffering from a serious hunger crisis. The critical hunger situation was faced by more than 570,000 of which many were starving to death. These were mainly observed in four countries, Southern Madagascar, South Sudan, Yemen, and Ethiopia. 

5. Children Facing Severe Malnutrition

More than forty-five million children around the world were facing severe malnutrition that led to serious life-threatening diseases. Every day, seven hundred children under the age of five die around the world due to malnutrition. One in five deaths among children around the world is due to acute malnutrition and severe wasting. Surveys share that every year, one million children die around the world due to hunger and malnutrition.

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Countries Facing Life-threatening Hunger Around the World

There are several countries suffering from the global hunger crisis. However, some countries which are under a death threat are mentioned below. These countries require access to clean water, nutrition, health camps, life-saving kits, and child protection. 

Countries Facing Life-threatening Hunger

Amid the emerging covid situation in China, praying for the hungry is not enough. Every day people are dying of hunger, malnourishment, and unhygienic living conditions. It is time to step up and contribute to the world hunger crisis. 

How PayBito is Contributing to World Hunger Crisis?

Child malnutrition, poor health, sanitation issues, dirty water, gender inequality, inequity, and lack of access to jobs, education, sustainability, justice, etc. are some of the crucial factors driving the hunger crisis around the world. While the world is preparing to take a new step in technology and innovation, the hunger sector is rapidly increasing pushing millions of people toward death. While the victims of hunger were coping with the above factors, the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the worldwide covid-19 pandemic only fuelled the situation. To address the situation, PayBito has started its “Brokering world hunger away” movement. 

The US-based crypto exchange platform has lately launched its white-label crypto broker platform. The new initiative of the firm provides an opportunity for crypto brokers, entrepreneurs, and institutional investors to start their own brokerage businesses. The platform provides the brokers with a readymade instant multi-asset exchange with over four hundred markets, and over twenty fiat currencies. The platform has started its new movement to end hunger around the world. The unique “Brokering world hunger away” movement promises to spend the same amount of money earned by the brokers as a commission from the platform. The amount will be utilized by PayBito to feed the hungry around the world. 

In Conclusion

Anyone with a good knowledge and understanding of the crypto market can become a crypto broker in PayBito. Moreover, the platform offers you the business platform within minutes. The Chief of PayBito Raj Chowdhury had recognized the potential future of crypto brokers in the huge crypto trading industry. Even though the market is recovering from the shock of the FTX collapse, there is a promising future for traders and brokers in the industry. PayBito’s new initiative will offer a chance to brokers to turn their profession into compassion.

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