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The Brutal Impact of Poverty on Global Hunger

In most of the poorest countries, hungry people suffer from extreme malnutrition. There is a serious overlap between the world’s most famished, and poorest countries. If a country has high poor people population, it is obvious that the hunger rate is not lagging behind. 

Poverty and hunger

The country that is present in both the hungriest countries list and poorest countries list of 2022 is Somalia. A small village in the northern part of Somalia was hit by the worst drought in the last forty years. While the soil is entirely dry along with the water resources, any animals left in the country are thin and weak. 

According to WHO (World Health Organization), the majority of the children living in poverty are suffering from undernutrition. Despite the efforts made by the Sustainable Development Goal of the UN, by 2030, 670 million people will still be suffering from hunger. 

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What Are the Main Causes of World Hunger?

Hunger is a common symptom our body presents when we do not eat food for a long time. However, there are people who do not eat proper meals and healthy nutritious foods that lead to hunger-borne diseases such as undernutrition, Vitamin A or D deficiencies, and malnutrition which helps us to provide solutions to hunger problems. While there are several factors that lead to global hunger, such as the covid-19 pandemic, war, and conflict, poor supply change management, climate change, etc, the causes can be assembled into two large categories. 

  • Physiological Causes of Hunger

With growing age, every human needs a minimum amount of food, nutrients, and water. To receive the right amount of nutrition the first thousand days of children are very important to develop into their full potential. The period between puberty and adolescence also requires a different level of nutrition. The same ratio is required for pregnant women until after their child stops breastfeeding. 

  • Causes of Hunger Due to Poverty

Millions of people are suffering from limited resources, and are unable to meet their basic nutritional needs. Lack of money is one of the primary causes of hunger among people around the world. 

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Poverty and Hunger are Intergenerational

Poverty doesn’t come out of anywhere, it often runs in generations among families. In the case of zero intervention, the children born in poor families end up like their parents. Hence experts share that poverty and hunger can be intergenerational. 

Low food and nutrition during pregnancy can cause malnutrition among mothers, which often results in malnourished infants. 20% of stunting in children is the direct result of malnutrition in the womb. Any infant who survives in the womb and is born, struggles and has less chance of reaching tier full cognitive and physical potential in life. 

Malnutrition-borne diseases such as lack of access to health services, and food insecurities often run in generations among poor families and similar communities. 

How Does Poverty Impacts Hunger?

Along with poverty, hunger issues can go hand-in-hand, such as conflict, climate change, and forced migration. However, the majority of these situations count down to three major issues which were developed by UNICEF. 

  • Lack of Access to Quality Diet

In the majority of cases, people find nothing to eat, which overlaps the problem of poverty and hunger around the world. The high demand and low supply will leave the poor people furthest behind. 

In South Sudan, the people involved in the conflict are living on water lilies. A cookie known as bonbon ten is famous among poor people and is made of dirt, salt, fat, and water. People in Kenya who are stuck due to drought are living on boiled animal hides. 

  • Lack of Skills and Knowledge Among Women

Poverty and education go hand in hand when comes to nutrition and health. The gender-biased and male-dominant countries have women with a lack of knowledge of the nutritious meal required by pregnant women. 

Therefore, proper education in prenatal and post-natal care will help to end hunger. However, several government organizations are taking precautions to help detect, prevent and treat the undernourished. 

  • Lack of Access to Water and Sanitation Services

Sanitation, water, and hygiene are important health services linked to hunger and poverty. People living in areas with poor sanitation suffer from waterborne diseases like diarrhea, and other hygiene issues. On the other hand, essential healthcare services will provide adequate care, and conduct regular screenings to save a life. 

Brokering World Hunger Away Campaign By PayBito

Ending poverty is not possible, however, ending hunger is. To combat hunger, PayBito has initiated a “Brokering world hunger away campaign”. The US-based crypto exchange platform has come up with the world first ever crypto broker platform where individual brokers and institutional investors can venture and enter into the crypto industry. 

Paybito has initiated the campaign by encouraging the brokers to “Earn more to feed more”. Any commission earned by the broker through the platform, the same amount will be used by Paybito to feed hungry children around the world. If you are interested in contributing to the global hunger crisis, join hands with Paybito and save the world from turning hunger into a human catastrophe.

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